Wind Power System

A vessel with a hull shaped like a symmetrical air foil going in the relative wind, will generate an aerodynamic lift giving a pull in the ships direction, within an angular sector of the course. This is Vindskip’s Wind Power System. With an LNG propulsion system in addition, starting the ship from zero up to the desired speed, the aerodynamic lift now generated can be exploited to generate pull and thus saving fuel: Forming a dynamic system that maintains a constant speed of the ship.

Cruise Control

The contribution of the ship’s Wind Power System to the actual propulsion of the ship will vary over time. A Cruise Control will be installed balancing the LNG propulsion system making it work as a dynamic entity together with the Wind Power System, keeping a constant speed of the ship. By firstly adjusting the pitch on the propeller and then the rpm if necessary, it will make it possible to keep a constant speed and saving fuel.

Navigation Optimising System version Vindskip

Using computerized weighting of meteorological data, a computer program calculates the best route. Specially developed navigation algorithms, will give the optimum wind angles for maximum effect of the design.