Rolls-Royce devising LNG propulsion system
Rolls-Royce has devised a LNG propulsion system to meet the Vindskip® requirements that retains a high level of efficiency over a wide range of power outputs, minimising greenhouse gas and NOX emissions, and eliminating the sulphur emissions that are a problem with today’s conventional PCTCs burning residual fuel.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the fuel, contained in two tanks holding sufficient for about 70 days of steaming at 17 knots.

Based on the below data, Rolls Royce Marine has devised a very flexible LNG-propulsion machinery. It is based on 23 days of steaming across the Pacific from Japan to Chile. Please note the difference in consumption between the Reference ship and Vindskip®.

  Reference ship Vindskip®
Consumption 23 days of steaming in average 8,8 (m/s) M/E Shaft Power (kW) Kyma Total ME HFO Consumed (mt) NR LAS04 Power (kW) Total LNG cons = 0,155 kg/kWh (mt)
Average 9 236 1 019 4 471 371
Min 6 946   2 830  
Max 10 528   6 399  


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